My Writings (Articles Samples)

CBS Local Articles:

CBS Local Thread of Articles

Top Picnic Spots in St. Louis (CBS Local)

Top Buffet Spots in St. Louis (CBS Local)

Top French Fries in St. Louis (CBS Local)

My Magic Dog (Dog Therapy) Blog Contributer:

Service Dogs Teach Children To Read

Ranked #1 Parenting and Various Research Articles

Factoidz Profile and Articles

Social Articles RSS Feed

Article on noise and its effect on hospital patients

My review appears on author’s home page for Chippy Chipmunk Babies In The Garden (Tere Scott St. Louis Homeschooling Examiner)

Homeschooling Articles

St. Louis Homeschooling Examiner RSS Feed

Bright Hub Education/Homeschool Channel Articles – RSS Feed

Blogs and Hub Pages:

Top Page Post – Award Winning – What Color Do You Speak?

Top Page Post – Award Winning – In Four Years He’ll Be Driving

Top Page Post – Award Winning – Could Have Been Last Words, And I Said What?

Top Page Post – Award Winning – Long Days, Short Years of Motherhood

The Dishonest Lure of Depression

Teachable Scotts Tots Homeschool Blog  – RSS Feed

Elephant Ears Education Blog

Hub Pages – RSS Feed

Joyful Sounds/John Scott Musician Blog – RSS Feed

Frugal Living

St. Louis Frugal Living Examiner

Christian Music

St. Louis Christian Music Examiner

Job Search

St. Louis Job Search Examiner

How To Articles:

Use Visual Cues to Teach Children

Easy Circuit Project

Ice Sculptures for Kids

Make Sand Dunes for a School Project

Teach Greenhouse Effect to Children

Build an Easy Catapult

Make a Homemade Goose Call for Kids

Make a Rocket That Flies and Is Fun for Kids

Amplify Sounds for Kids

Keepsake Toddler Handprint Crafts

Teach Physics Mechanics with LEGOS

Build a Tinkertoy Pendulum

Activities for Children in Sensorimotor Stage

Avocado Carrot Face Cream

Make a Catholic Family Altar

DIY Pocket Sketchbook

Instructions to Build Shoebox Catapult for Weebelos

Fold a Dollar Bill Like a Bow Tie

Key Word Articles:

Add Color To Your Food

Save Money and Enjoy Family Time with New Movie Releases on DVD



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