My Experience (Resume’)


OBJECTION:    Creating content where I can use my skills, experience and creativity to increase your site activity or get the word out about your product.


  • Currently featured on CBS Local Site for St. Louis
  • Apr-Oct 2011 – Assisting in development of WatchKnow Reader set for release October, 2011.  Provided information for key vocabulary words.
  • 2004 – Author of self-published children book – Float Away Balloons  A book to help children and parents deal with loss and grief.
  • 2005-Present – Curriculum development for K-5 grade phonics, learn-to-read, reading, English, writing & Foreign Language instruction including French, Latin and Spanish.
  • 2009 – Managing and overseeing the work of soon-to-be self-published child author, The Traveling Train Car series.


  • 2012 – Present – Content Writer for a variety of Websites
  • 2011 – Present – Writer for CBS Local Site
  • 2010 – Present – IT Coach – Ghost Writer for Internet Information Technology training site.
  • 1992-Present – Joyful Sounds Christian DJ/John Scott Musician – Co-owner and co-producer of promotional materials including drafting wording for letters, fliers and Website updates.


  • 1992 – Bachelor of Science Degree from Lindenwood University
  • Associates Degree in Human Services
  • Secretarial Certificate (Specializing in Word Processing)


  • 2010 – Nominated Top 25 Homeschooling Blogs:  Teachable Scotts Tots Homeschooling
  • 2009 – Wrote breaking news article about local homeschooling mom fighting for custody of children in her divorce from top-name attorney raised awareness of her cause.  She ended up gaining support of my readers and winning custody of her children while maintaining the right to continue homeschooling them.  She credits my breaking the story for her success.
  • 2010 – Profile article and Interview with political candidate Kurt Bahr and other articles helped put him in the public light.  He thanked me for my part in his winning the election.

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