About Tere

Tere Scott Writer361eaf48421275d4a0250a699db29a3569af940f755d31b0b2If you don’t have something nice to say….Get a Thesaurus! …Encouraging her readers is what spurs Tere on to keep writing helpful educational, inspirational, and informational articles. Tere J. Scott is an experienced professional online writer and has self-published a children’s book about dealing with grief and loss. Tere was invited to write online in May, 2009.  Since that time, she has enjoyed sharing carefully researched information, as well as her life experiences, with her readers. These adventures include living out her Christian faith in marriage and parenting – a journey that has had bumps along the way, such as dealing with the loss of 3 pregnancies followed by a terrifying, faith-testing miracle baby’s birth (who was unexpectedly delivered at home by her husband). She is married to a musician (John Scott Musician) who has suffered his own heartaches when other Christians let him down in his pursuit as the role of a worship leader.  She currently educates her 3 children at home.  This allows her and the family to enjoy traveling for musical tours.


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